Dream Yourself Awake LLC was first conceptualized in 2014 while Tracy was taking the first level of Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss. Michael and Tracy had just taken Reiki Level 1. Tracy loves to analyze the energetics of language and how we use it. Dream yourself awake can literally or figuratively mean dreaming the self into being. We can use Active Dreaming , Soul Realignment, Herbs, Drumming, and other techniques to heal the whole person and create who we want to be. Who we always knew we were even though we couldn't get there on our own.

Tracy has since become a Dream Teacher and Soul Realignment Practitioner and Michael is now a Reiki Master. They would like to serve as your guides on your journey to self healing. They have both used the techniques offered in sessions themselves and continue to use those techniques every day. Their collective dream is to bring healing to the whole community.

Dream Yourself Awake offers classes and private sessions geared toward helping you discover your divine gifts with practical application to help you make new choices in alignment with those gifts. Tracy also offers handmade and custom handmade jewelry that has been made with intention. Stones are placed together in  pieces according to their vibrational connections and then cleared and blessed by Tracy. Michael offers native made original drum bag designs that can be tailored to the size of drum and color preference. 





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